Where can You Get the Best Fish and Chips Shop Supplier in Birmingham

Where can You Get the Best Fish and Chips Shop Supplier in Birmingham

Let’s start by talking about why having good suppliers for your fish and chips shop is really important. These suppliers provide the ingredients that make your fish and chips taste great. Birmingham is known for its yummy food scene. People here love their food, and that’s why it’s crucial to have suppliers you can trust. We’re here to help you discover the “Best Fish and Chips Shop Supplier in Birmingham.” This article will guide you through finding the perfect fish and chip shop supplier to make your shop shine in this vibrant food-loving city.

Top Fish and Chips Shop Suppliers in Birmingham

1. T. Quality

Quality delivers a variety of products for Fish and Chip Shops, Fast Food Outlets, the Pizza and Kebab sector and Care Homes through to the Wholesale fish market.

They are a big company with many places that deliver things all over the country. They also have places where you can go and pick up what you ordered. They have 12 different places where they work, like Avonmouth, Birmingham, Bovey Tracey, and others.

They really care about making their customers happy. They don’t just want to give fish and other things to fish and chip shops, they want to give them the best stuff and make them really happy. They care a lot about making sure their products are good, they have good service, they always have what you need, and they are good for the environment. That’s why they are a top company for fish and chip shops all over the country.

2. VA Whitley

VA Whitley is the main supplier to fish and chip shops and fast food restaurants in the North West of England, North Midlands, and parts of North and Mid Wales. They’ve been doing this since 1899, and they’re still a family-run company, now in its fourth generation of family management. From the very beginning, they’ve aimed to follow the high standards set by their founder. This means offering customers good quality products at competitive prices while providing excellent service.

Today, VA Whitley offers a wide range of products to help businesses in the food industry. They provide everything from dried goods to packaging and catering equipment. Additionally, they have a selection of high-quality frozen fish, pies, and other foods, which you can learn more about on their website. They also have a service for safely collecting and disposing of used cooking oil and fat.

3. Pentagon Food Group

The Pentagon Food Group started in 2007 with a small warehouse. But thanks to their founders’ vision, great management team, and their hardworking employees, they’ve grown a lot.

Today, The Pentagon Food Group stands tall as one of the largest food distributors to the HoReCa channel in the Midlands and Northwest regions of the UK. They proudly serve over 1500 businesses, ranging from takeaways, restaurants, fish & chip shops, and dessert parlors to fast-food outlets.

They are not just known for their big warehouse and lots of food options. What makes them special is how they always work to meet your food needs. They don’t just deliver supplies; they want to be your long-term food partner.

4. Niyazis ltd

Niyazis Ltd is a company that’s really good at getting frozen fish from the sea and giving it to the best fish and chip shops in the West Midlands and nearby places. They’re experts at this!

  • Niyazis Ltd Distributors are a tasty addition to Birmingham’s food scene. They are experts in frozen fish and chip.
  • They help restaurants make their food taste really authentic and delicious.
  • Apart from having great products, they also give really good customer service. They like to work closely with restaurants, which makes them a trusted partner in the local food industry.

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5. TCR FoodServices

CR is a family-owned business that started in 1998. They help out fish and chip shops and other food places in the Midlands. They believe in giving good quality, being helpful, and making sure things go smoothly. Making the customer happy is super important to them.

They don’t just help fish and chip shops, though. They also give stuff to breakfast cafes, food trucks, and places that make Chinese, Indian, and Italian food.

With vast storage capabilities, they can house the UK’s most popular frozen, chilled, and ambient brands.

They have special trucks that keep the food at the right temperature when they deliver it, and they try to be good for the environment when they do it. Their team that talks to customers on the phone knows a lot about what they need and makes sure everything goes well.


In conclusion, we’ve provided valuable insights into the top fish and chips shop suppliers in Birmingham, helping you make an informed decision for your food business. Finding the best fish and chips shop supplier in Birmingham is not just about ingredients; it’s about building a strong foundation for your business’s success.

Remember, the choice of your fish and chips shop supplier is a critical decision. It directly impacts the taste, quality, and reputation of your business. By taking these steps and choosing the best fish and chips shop supplier in Birmingham, you’ll be well on your way to becoming known as the “Best Fish and Chips Shop Supplier in Birmingham.” Your customers will thank you, and your business will flourish.

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