A brief discussion on gum contouring to help you take an informed decision

A brief discussion on gum contouring to help you take an informed decision

Every gum line is different and has a unique story to spill. For example some are high while some are low. Some gum lines are in between high and low while some are uneven. Your gum line may leave you self conscious. Thankfully modern dentistry allows modifying the gum line to override self consciousness through gum contouring. Gum contouring is also known by many other names, like gingivoplasty and gingival sculpting. This is a tried and tested way to reshape one’s gum line. For a section of the people even their dentists suggest undergoing gum contouring treatment. These are mostly the individuals who have severe issues with their gums and those issues affect their oral health big time.

But what exactly does gum contouring involve? Let us explore that in the paragraphs below.

Understanding what gum contouring is

In plain and easy words gum contouring is the procedure to reshape or re-sculpt your gum line. The procedure is performed by a trained and qualified dentist. The procedure involves cutting away of excess tissues of the gums from around the teeth. In cases of gum recession, the procedure of gum contouring also involves restoring gum tissues.

In a large number of cases in London, gum contouring or gingival sculpting happens to be an elective procedure. In easier words it means the procedure or treatment is not a medical necessity. The procedure is rather done to improve the appearance of the teeth, gums and the overall smile. However every case involving the procedure happens to be elective. In certain cases dentists recommend this procedure for various reasons related to oral health.

When gum contouring is a medical necessity

For patients who suffer from periodontal disease gum contouring could be a medical necessity. But initially dentists try to cure gum disease using non surgical options. These non surgical means include prescribing antibiotics to eradicate the disease-causing bacteria as well as the infection itself. Even dental cleanings are recommended to the patients to restore gum health.

If these non surgical solutions do not prove effective then dentists rely on procedures like a pocket reduction surgery. This surgery is carried out on the gums as well as the nearby bones. This procedure proves helpful saving a patient suffering from gum disease from going toothless. Some patients even undergo a regeneration procedure to undo the damaged bones and gum tissues again.

Gum contouring treatment often becomes a part of these procedures. When your gum contouring treatment is a part of the procedure to cure gum infection of periodontal disease then it becomes a medical necessity. When it becomes a medical necessity and not just a way to improve your aesthetics then chances are high that your gum contouring treatment is covered by your dental insurance. You must discuss the matter with your dental insurance provider to know what expenses are covered by your insurance plan. Moreover it is also important to find out whether there are any “out of pocket” expenses in these circumstances.

Gum contouring – what does it involve?

Gum contouring procedure requires specialised knowledge and skills. Usually it is carried out by a periodontist or a cosmetic dentist. The in-office procedure can be completed in just one single visit to the dentist’s office. The majority of patients stay awake while undergoing the procedure. Before the actual procedure starts patients are administered with local anaesthesia. This numbs the areas surrounding the gums.

A dentist in London says during gum reshaping dentists rely on either a soft tissue laser or a scalpel. Using any of the tools excess tissues in the gums are removed. The gum line is re-sculpted and as a result your tooth becomes more exposed than the gums. In order to hold gum tissues I place dentists are also known to use sutures.

In cases of gum receding. the process of gum contouring involves adding excess gum tissues. These excess tissues are removed from some other part of your mouth, palate for example. These excess tissues are used to restructure as well as lengthen the gum line surgically and secured around the teeth. Time taken for a gum contouring surgery varies from case to case. It depends on the amount of contouring or sculpting that is required in a case. Usually the procedure lasts anywhere between 1 and 2 hours.

Is gum contouring painful?

It has already been mentioned above a patient is administered with local anaesthesia before the staring of gum contouring procedure. Thus the gums become numb and you will feel no pain even when the dentist is working on your gum tissues. Once the procedure completes you will feel little numbness and tenderness in the treated area, which is obvious. A dentist who quotes reasonable cost for gum contouring in the UK explains usually the amount of discomfort a patient experiences depends on the volume of the gum that required to be removed or reshaped.

Once the surgery is over the dentist may prescribe a pain reliever. Even OTC (over the counter) pain medication also proves sufficient to beat the pain and discomfort. OTC medicines like ibuprofen (Advil) or acetaminophen (Tylenol) prove particularly helpful in these cases. Aspirin may cause bleeding and this is why it is better to avoid this medicine as a pain reliever after a gum contouring surgery.

A cold compress or an ice pack also proves helpful reducing the pain and swelling resulting from a gum contouring surgery. You should continue with this cold therapy for at least a couple of days following the procedure. Apply the cold compress for at least 15 to 20 minutes at a time followed by a recess of another 15 to minutes. You should carry out with this on and off at least thrice in a row to get the best effects.

How long does the recovery take?

Gum contouring surgery or treatment involves a little downtime although full recovery may take up to days or even weeks. In fact complete recovery from this dental surgical procedure actually depends on the extent of surgery a patient has undergone. During the recovery period you may have to stay away from certain activities for a day or two.

As far as gum lift cost in the UK is concerned, it ranges from £495 to £795 depending on the volume of reshaping required and the complexities involved. During the first few days following the procedure your mouth will be little tender as well as sensitive. You should better switch to a soft diet during this period. Soups, yogurt, applesauce are the few items that should have in plenty during this period.

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